Patient FAQ

Direct testing applies to all laboratory testing in Arizona. So, whether you are interested in a simple cholesterol test, an STI screening, or one of hundreds of other tests, you can get it directly and without a lab order.  Not sure what you want to order? Please visit to learn more about lab testing.

Yes, Direct Testing is available to anyone at Patient’s Choice in Arizona.

Individuals age 18 and older may order their own tests at Patient’s Choice in Arizona.

Subject to age restrictions, all guests visiting a Patient’s Choice in Arizona are eligible for Direct Testing.

Our staff are unable to make recommendations or give medical advice to individuals.  We encourage our guests to review information regarding each test before ordering a test at a Patient’s Choice and consulting your physician or clinician(s) if you have additional questions.  Please visit for more information about individual tests  

Patient’s Choice customer service  will be able to help you determine whether or not an order requires fasting.  You are welcome to call or email us at for questions about fasting for Direct Testing.

Disclaimer when ordering a test requiring fasting: It is recommended that you have no foods or liquids, other than water, for at least 8 hours. If your order requires fasting and you have not fasted, you may continue with the test, but it will be at your discretion. Ensure that you are comfortable with and capable of completing the fasting requirements.

Now you have the choice to order health tests without a doctors order.  Just walk in to any lab and get the tests you need to identify potential problems early, and work with your physician to address them when therapy can still be effective.   Please note:  All tests order without a doctors order must be paid for in advance, and will not be able to be submitted to insurance. 

Yes, but this not considered Patient’s Choice Direct Testing.  For pricing with a doctors order, please arrive early for appointments or send your request in advance through our scheduling system.  Click Here to Schedule

The form from your doctor or clinician is only for tests that he/she is ordering for you as a medical necessity. The results from these tests will be sent to your doctor or clinician and a claim can be submitted to Medicare or your insurance to pay for these tests. If you would like to order additional tests on your own, please complete the lab order form at the Patient’s Choice separately. The results from these tests will be available to you, but will not be sent to your doctor or clinician. Please note that by law we are not able to bill Medicare or insurance for direct access tests.